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Ludo is not a game of luck, it is a game of skills

What are Skill Games

Games with a high emphasis on physical or mental skill over chance are called skill games. Board games like Ludo, Chess and Carrom are skill games that require strategic play from the player to win. Many of you might object that luck plays some part in every game. Yes, that is accurate. However, a skill-based game's result is largely determined by skill, not luck. Logic, reasoning, analysis, and quick decision-making are necessary for success in skill games.

Online Skill Games

In the era of technological advancement, you may play skill games online. Online skill games also motivate players to apply their talents to users to apply their gaming abilities in order to win cash prizes. Skkily provides top skill games to play online. Games that take much skill require you to use logic and strategy to win.

The focus of chance games is on chance rather than strategy. Games of chance include things like lottery tickets or slot machines. Online skill-based games are online games in which the outcome of the game is determined by the player's physical skill (like fast reaction or dexterity) or mental skill (logic abilities, strategic thinking, trivia knowledge). As in off-line games of skill, the definition has legal meaning, as playing games of chance for money is an illegal act in several countries.

Categories of skill games

  1. Arcade games involve quick fingers and quick thinking. These games are generally sped-up puzzle games.

  2. Puzzle games rely on logic abilities and require the user to solve certain types of puzzles. While not as fast-paced as arcade games, these games often come with a time limit.

  3. Word games are puzzle games using word problems, like rearranging letters to make words.

  4. Trivia games test the user's knowledge of trivia in specific categories or in general. Fantasy sport games rely on the participants' ability to assemble the best group of players.

  5. Card games are played with playing cards online and require good use of probability and other mathematical tactics.

Luck Games vs Skill Games

Players in skill games learn and use more new methods as they play more and aim to get better over time. But in the case of luck games, luck plays a big part. Additionally, there is no method to improve a player's performance in games of luck.

In skill-based games, whether a player wins or loses, they all learn new things. The players in luck games, however, lack knowledge and experience. In a game that relies on talent, the player's abilities, past experiences, and logical reasoning determine whether they win or lose. But in games of luck, everything is totally random.

The player's practise does not affect whether they win or lose the game. Another key topic to talk about in this case is legality. All skill-based video games are legally protected in India. It is different, though, in the case of games of chance. Skkily games are RNG certified which is a seal of approval from a certified testing body that affirms online gaming platforms' adherence to RNG standards.

RNG Certification

The statistical unpredictability of the numbers generated by the computer, programme, or machine is guaranteed by a Random Number Generator (RNG) Certificate, which is a software algorithm or hardware. It guarantees that the generated numbers are truly random and do not follow any pattern. All gaming machines, roulette, poker, video slots, and other forms of gambling entertainment employ random number generators (RNG). RNG can be described as a piece of equipment or software that can be specially configured by the owner (pseudo random number generator) (real random number generator).

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