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Ludo Game Rules: How to Play Ludo the Board Game

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

How to Play Ludo the Board Game:

Ludo is a simple strategy board game with simple rules. The goal of the game is to get all four of your tokens into the 'Home' space. You must keep an eye out for your opponent's token while playing Ludo. They can capture your token, or worse, their token is about to reach their 'Home base space.' To prevent this predicament, you must be familiar with the ludo game regulations in order to plan your movements. For example, to get your tokens out of the yard, you must roll a 6. So, based on this Ludo rule, your strategy could be to take out your token whenever you score a six.

Online Ludo games:

Ludo online has grown in popularity in recent years. The goal of the game remains the same, with a few changes to the Ludo game regulations. Furthermore, while playing Ludo online, you can get a chance to earn real money ludo. On Skkily gaming app, you can play Ludo for free online and perhaps win real money.

Ludo is more than just racing your tokens to the 'Home' location. You have the ability to capture and block the tokens of other players. However, there are some ground rules that must be followed. We have to follow some basic rules to play ludo;

Basic Rules of Ludo:

  1. The game is played without a partnership between two, three, or four people. To activate each token, you must roll a 6. If you do not activate your token and roll a number other than 6, your turn is passed to the next player and the number of boxes your token advances is determined by the value of the dice.

  2. If you roll a 6, you gain one extra turn. If you roll a 6 three times in a row, you lose your turn. When your token touches an opponent's token, two things happen: Your opponent's token is returned to their base, and they must roll a 6 to activate it again. You have an extra turn.

  3. If you land more than one of your tokens in the same spot, a block is formed. Blocks operate as a barrier between you and your opponent. They will be unable to pass through the barrier or land in the same location. Blocking is employed to prevent your opponent's token from reaching home.

  4. Some Ludo boards contain additional marks, such as a crown or circle, on specific squares. Avoid these areas because landing on one will send your token back to their base. Furthermore, you must roll a 6 to reactivate the token.

  5. When your token reaches the home column, you must roll the precise number or a number less than the required number to return it to the home base. For example, if you have three spaces to move and your roll is more than 4, you cannot move that token to three spaces. In this instance, you must either move another token or pass.

To win the game, all four of your tokens must go around the board and enter the home base space.

Difference between Online Ludo and Ludo Board Games:

  • Ludo board games are time consuming, no specific time limit but online Skkily Ludo lasts 10 minutes hardly. In the Skkily App game finishes within minutes on Rapid Ludo.

  • You win by collecting all four tokens within the home area in board game but while playing online Ludo game on Skkily if you have the most points, you win.

  • One significant difference between Ludo online and the traditional game is that you do not need a six to activate your token. Because all tokens are in the open position, the game moves quickly.

  • Want to call your favourable number? Unlike the Ludo board game, you do not get this golden chance if you use Power Button while playing Skkikly Ludo. However, this is applicable to once in a whole game and you can win easily.

In contrast to conventional Ludo board games, you do not need to bring all four tokens into the Home area. To win the game, you must get the most points possible based on the gameplay. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins and earns cash prizes on Skkily Ludo.

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kyle grey
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What a fantastic guide to the timeless classic, Ludo! This blog brilliantly breaks down the intricacies of the game, offering a comprehensive overview of the rules that make Ludo so enjoyable. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer to the world of board games, this post serves as an invaluable resource.

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